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ECZEMA – an illustrated book

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  1. I had mild Eczema when i was little then when i was 19 it came back really severe. Changing to a bad diet stress of work and worrying about things didn’t help. My skin got infected and made it worse. I went to a skin specialist who gave me strong tablets to clear the infection,then learn t how to moisturize and eat more healthy. I wear the same clothes that have just been washed because dust mites in clothing would make it flair up. When i moved to Brisbane where the climate is warm and humid it has gone apart from being dry in the winter. Hope this helps someone.

  2. I use Nivea Body Lotion for Sensitive Skin to moisturize my skin. This is more useful and convenient compared to the expensive cream that my doctor recommended. I use this everyday and it has never trigger any aggressive reactions on my eczema. I was 16 when my eczema started to appear. I’m suffering this disease for 7years. I’m still hoping for a effective medication

  3. I have just got a mild form of eczema on mainly my legs/arms at age 65. They look more like red circles and get a bit crusty but not too itchy. anyone any ideas on how this has occured now?

  4. I know a dermatologist who has helped numbers people in the UK to treat and remove eczema. He is able to assess the eczema via the internet and has had excellent results. Email me if you like and maybe I can help you.



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