Do you suffer from severe Atopic Dermatitis?
If so, you may want to comment on Abrocitinib (CIBINQO®), a daily tablet for the treatment of severe atopic dermatitis.


The PBAC November Meeting Agenda is now available. Your comments are welcome whether you are a patient, carer, member of the public, health professional or member of a consumer interest group. The company applying for subsidy under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme has already provided the PBAC with detailed clinical and economic data in support of the application. You are welcome to provide comments, for consideration by the PBAC, from a personal or group perspective on the impact of the condition addressed in the application.

To provide your input for the submission, please go to the PBAC online submission form on the PBAC website. When you have completed the form and pressed the SUBMIT button, your form will be sent electronically to the PBAC Secretariat and you will receive email confirmation of receipt which will include a copy of your comments.

Hurry, your opportunity to comment closes on 22 September 2021, so make sure you get in before then!