#EAD2020 competition, presented by the EAA and EANZ

    General terms & conditions

  1. Entry to the Eczema Association of Australasia Inc (EAA) and Eczema Association of New Zealand Inc (EANZ) Eczema Awareness Day 2020 (EAD) #EAD2020 competition shall be deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions
  2. Please note the following terms and conditions and only enter the competition should you agree to the following
  3. What is the competition:

  4. The EAA and EANZ present the #EAD2020 competition, a competition to promote eczema in the community
  5. The competition asks the community to submit a video (between 30 seconds to 2 minutes) promoting the ‘Eczema Association of Australasia Inc’ (EAA) and featuring some form of ‘eczema’ in their submission. This can include talking about eczema or sharing their story. Bonus points will be awarded for creativity
  6. How do you enter:

  7. The entrant can enter via two means:
    1. Uploading their video to their personal Facebook or Instagram profile and tagging @eczemaau and @eczemanz, with the hashtag #EAD2020. Should you wish to enter this way, the post must be marked as ‘public’ so the EAA and EANZ can share the post to its page*
    2. The entrant emails the video (recommended via a Dropbox or Google Drive link)*
  8. *No matter the entry mechanism preferred, the EAA and EANZ will publish each video that abides by the terms of entry to its social media channels (Facebook and Instagram)

    Who can enter:

  9. Entry is open to anyone, but please note:
    1. Anyone under 16 must have parental authority to be involved
    2. The prizes will be delivered to Australian residents, so while this competition is open to people outside of Australia (which we’d love to see how far the competition reaches!) entrants from Australia will only be eligible for the prizes
  10. Key dates:

  11. The #EAD2020 competition opens 9am Tuesday 1 September 2020
  12. The #EAD2020 competition closes at midnight Wednesday 30 September 2020
  13. As the competition progresses from Tuesday 1 September – Wednesday 30 September 2020, entrants’ videos will be shared across the EAA and EANZ’s social media channels
  14. Judging will take place from Tuesday 6 October – Tuesday 13 October 2020
  15. Winners will be announced Thursday 15 October 2020
  16. Rules of entry:

  17. To be eligible to win the prizes and to be shared on the EAA and EANZ’s social channels, video entries must:
    1. Be between 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length
    2. Must be created by the publisher and fun and engaging
    3. Must feature content relating to and including eczema
    4. Must include the phrase ‘EAA’ or ‘Eczema Association of Australasia Inc’ in their video
    5. Must not contain any expletives or content of offensive nature
    6. Must be Australian residents
    7. Winners must have a registered Australian bank account and supply the details upon request
    8. And by entering, the entrant approves the use of the video on the EAA and EANZ’s social media channels
  18. Judging:

  19. This competition is a ‘game of skill’. The EAA and EANZ will choose the winners based on if they fit the rules of entry. Bonus points will be awarded for creativity
  20. Judging is at the EAA and EANZ’s discretion and all decisions will be final
  21. The EAA and EANZ will award 10 winners, however, the EAA and EANZ at their discretion might give special mentions
  22. Prizes:

  23. The 1 x winner of the #EAD2020 competition will receive $1,000 cash
  24. The 10 x runner-up’s of the #EAD2020 competition will receive $250 cash
  25. Disclaimer:

  26. The EAA and EANZ is presenting the #EAD2020 competition independently. It is not sponsored by Facebook in any way
  27. Further information:

  28. If you have any questions about the above T&Cs, please contact help@eczema.org.au