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Is there a cure for eczema?

Although there is no known cure for eczema and it can be a lifelong condition, treatment can offer symptom control.

How do you diagnose eczema?

Only a doctor or skin specialist, usually a Dermatologist, can formally diagnose eczema

An accurate diagnosis requires a complete skin examination, a thorough medical history and the presence of a chronically recurring rash with intense itching that is consistent with eczema. Itching is an important clue to diagnosing eczema. If an itch is not present, chances are that the problem is not eczema.

While there is no test to determine whether a person has eczema, tests may be conducted to rule out other possibilities.

What are the treatment options for eczema?

The goal of treating eczema is to heal the skin and to both prevent and minimize flare-ups. This can be done by using a moisturizer to prevent the skin from cracking or itching and to offer relief. Well moisturized skin also helps block out germs that cause infections.