The EAA supports the following local group in providing educational literature and samples from our corporate supporters for their Nurture Packs.

The Redland Centre for Women exists to:

redlands centre for women

  • Empower women to take charge of and improve their lives, to provide opportunities for education around topics that are important to them, and to connect them with the people, services and programs that will help them to do this,
  • Provide women in the Redlands with a sense of belonging to a community, so they don’t feel isolated in what they’re doing or going through.
  • Give women an opportunity to share their experiences, connect with others who are going through a similar experience, and know that they are not alone in their situation or experience.

We will achieve our purpose by developing and delivering programs and services that are responsive to community needs. We will achieve this through ongoing consultation and collaboration with members, clients and community partners invested in positive health and well-being outcomes for women and families.

Presently we undertake the following core initiatives:

  • The giving of Pink Pamper Packs to those struggling through a difficult time
  • The giving of Nurture Boxes to all women whom birth at the Redlands Hospital
  • Young Parents Connect group for first time young mums aged 15-21
  • ‘Live your Best Life’ 5 week self-development program
  • Topic Nights
  • Coffee & Chat sessions
  • #GirlsGoals program for teenage girls
  • Annual International Women’s Day High Tea