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“She’s wearing normal clothes for the first time in over a year,” said Holly Collins’ mother, Julie. “We had a big family function recently and everyone told us how incredibly well she looks. She seems happier than she’s ever been.”

Four-year-old Holly has just returned from a life-changing trip to the Avène Hydrotherapy Centre near Montpellier in the south of France, where water from a local spring is used to treat and soothe skin conditions. There she was treated for the severe atopic eczema she has suffered for almost all of her young life. She literally took the waters, with daily baths, showers, massages, applications of specially formulated topical creams and spring water to drink. Research suggests that the water at Avène has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, perhaps due to its low mineral and high silicate content (thought to promote the exfoliation of dead skin cells), the result of its long journey through the mountains before it reaches the springs. Before her trip, Holly had to wear wet bandages on her arms, legs and torso daily because her skin could not be exposed for fear of an outbreak. She had to take bleach-baths and she needed a constant regime of treatment creams, ointments, dressings and prescription drugs, including oral and applied steroids, analgesics, antibiotics and antihistamines to manage her condition. “The Avène treatment was a great success for Holly and we will continue to use the products at home.”

The Avène Centre has developed take-home products, including a Thermal Spring Water Spray containing exactly the same water used at the Spa, so all Australians can enjoy the benefits.

Avène Products Avène products are available in pharmacies through out all States of Australia; for your nearest stockist and for full details about Avène products go to the website:


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