World Atopic Eczema Day

With so many silent sufferers, eczema likely has a big psychological impact on teenagers and young people, yet medical research on the topic is lacking. Connecting with others dealing with eczema and sharing your own story helps shed the stigma, offers opportunities to learn new management strategies, and, in turn, brings awareness to the difficulties with managing this health condition.

Don’t be afraid to #OwnYourEzcema. Your skin condition does not define you. You are so much more than your eczema. Share your story on social media and tag us, using #OwnYourEczema and #InsideAtopicEczema.

We want you to share your advice, your tips and your story – let's do it together.

Managing eczema can be expensive, time-consuming, and tough to keep organised. Big life events can cause stress, and, as you know, stress is a trigger. We want to hear your #EczemaHacks too!

Getting ready for a formal? Don’t use any makeup or beauty products you haven’t tried before.

Preparing for exams? The room you spend hours in needs to be dust-free and not too warm.

Going on holiday? Pack natural fibre clothing, extra medications, and stay out of the sun.

Moving out with eczema? See our checklist.

We are calling on healthcare professionals, health policy decision-makers and all stakeholders to help us build awareness of the burdens of atopic eczema.

Take action by signing the petition to call for the Federal Government to do more research into and increase funding for support for young people suffering from eczema in Australia. Petition: Sign the Petition